Artifact Preservation and Restoration Committee

Simultaneously with initiating Haft Tappeh and Tcogha Zanbil World Heritage Base research center in 2000, artifact preservation and restoration committee was also equipped and began to work. At first, most of its activities concerned organizing and restoring artifacts kept in the base in unfavorable conditions. After the resumption of the archaeological excavations at the site from 2001 up to the present, this committee’s experts, in addition to continual presence during excavations for on-the-spot preservations, have been restoring plenty of artifacts considering priorities. Archaeologists have always been benefiting from these experts’ experience at different sites other than Haft Tappeh and Tchogha Zanbil too.
The committee’s activities mainly consist of artifact preservation and restoration, constant monitoring as well as preserving and restoring Haft Tappeh Museum and treasury objects including ceramic, bronze and stone artifacts, and also human and animal bones when necessary. The committee carries out cleaning and desalinating Tchogha Zanbil bricks, preserving and restoring architectural ornaments, and finding tablet pieces and restoring them. Evaluating environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature for preserving objects in the showcases as well as treasury, and deciding on the safest place for each object are all this committee’s responsibility.
In addition, providing restoration and preservation students with necessary space and equipment for gaining restoration experience, presenting opportunities for apprenticeship and dissertation writing under experts’ supervision, and cooperation with universities have always been the committee’s goals