The Repository for Historical and Cultural Objects

Since the beginning of archaeological activities at Tchogha Zanbil and Haft Tappeh in 1960s till the present, plenty of Elamite architectural remnants as well as portable historical and cultural objects have been discovered. The finds have been kept in Haft Tappeh Museum since its establishment in 1970s. The continuation of excavations at the aforementioned sites as well as other sites of the Susiana Plain, finds of illegal excavations and accidental discoveries have all richened the base’s repository.
Developing and equipping the repository with the aim of better organizing and safekeeping historical and cultural objects as well as collecting portable scattered finds in Haft Tappeh Museum was one of the initial measures taken by Haft Tappeh and Tchogha Zanbil World Heritage Base in 2003. 
The repository now contains abundant artifacts including potsherds, ceramic vessels, bronze objects, lithic and stone tools, human and animal figurines, clay and brick tablets, seals and seal impressions, ceramic coffins, and so forth. Important as preservation conditions of the objects are, preservation and restoration committees constantly handle and organize them.