visitor charter

Visitors should know that the World Heritage Site of Tchogha Zanbil has been registered on the World Heritage List owing to its value and authenticity, so its preservation is everyone’s responsibility. Thus, visitors need to observe the following charter in order to help us better preserve the heritage and transmit it to the posterity.

  • Visit hours of the World Heritage Site of Tchogha Zanbil is 8.30-19.30 in the first half of the year and 8.30-17 in the second
  • Professional photography and filming, whether terrestrial or aerial, are only allowed with the permission from competent authorities (namely the Security Office of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Khuzestan and the Base management)
  • No provisions, including bottled water, are sold in the core area of the World Heritage Site of Tchogha Zanbil. Please make your necessary food purchases before entering the site.
  • In case of rainfall, while raining and at least 12 hours and at most 24 hours after that, any visits to the site is forbidden for preventing possible damages to the brick pavements and constructions. Please note that the possibility of visiting after rainfall is contingent on the experts’ decision and assessment.
  • Entering the area of the ziggurat with stiletto heels or other types of damaging footwear is prohibited. 
  • Tickets are sold electronically in the World Heritage Site of Tchogha Zanbil. They are issued and checked by a machine and then given to the visitor. For an easier, faster, and healthier shopping experience, please try to make you ticket purchase by AMT cards.
  • You could make you ticket purchase through the introduced authenticated portals on the website.
  • According to the official calendar of the country and the circular issued by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft, the whole complex of the World Heritage Site of Tchogha Zanbil is closed on seven days during a year. These days are the mourning days of Tasu’a and ‘Ashura, the Prophet’s demise anniversary, Imam Reza’s day of martyrdom, the martyrdom day of Fatimah, and the 14th and 15th of Khordad. 
  • The World Heritage Site of Tchogha Zanbil is facilitated with restroom, praying room, and water cooler
  • For the time being, guides are only available on rush visiting days (i.e. Norouz Holiday).
  • Tchogha Zanbil is a UNESCO-registered world heritage and belongs to Iranians and also all people around the world. It is then necessary for everyone to attempt well preserving it.
  • Smoking and littering are prohibited all over the core area of the site.

The World Heritage Site of Tchogha Zanbil expresses it appreciations for visitors and asks them to please help conserve the entire complex more appropriately with their notes of suggestion and criticism.