Khuzestan Golden Triangle of World-Heritage Remnants
Destination Marketing Organization or DMO is the missing link of Iranian tourism industry chain; it could well organize the presence of both domestic and foreign tourists. The organization coordinates all components of a trip including introduction of attractions, evaluating amenities and entertaining facilities, transportation and the like. With three world-heritage relics (namely Susa, Tchogha Zanbil, and Shushtar), natural features, and unique history of thousands of years, northern Khuzestan has a great potential for tourism, so it could be considered as a tourist destination and make the first Iranian DMO.

 Goals and Perspectives
Developing executive and operational plans for sustainable tourism, DMO-based procedures for an integrated management and also a comprehensive system of management all encompass the following items as the most important goals in the destination: necessary infrastructures, providing human resources, leading beneficiaries, tourism planning and making sure that tourism does not interfere with preservation, short-term and long-term planning for destination in every field, monitoring and assessing destination, communication with local communities and involving them in the affairs of the destination, prosperity of the local economy, preparing a proper context for introducing the relics to visitors, creative introduction by the use of modern equipment, considering other attractions in the periphery, convenient access to the relics, high-quality services, and existence of electronic services.