Library and Document Center

Developing a standard complete archive embracing records and documents about whatever happened at Tchogha Zanbil and Haft Tappeh assumes necessary. Thus, Tchogha Zanbil World Heritage Base has been continually collecting reports and documents and enriching its archive since 2000 when the base started to work. Over the last two decades, various documents and research pieces in different specialized fields have been collected and kept in the library and document center of Haft Tappeh Museum.
The library and document center carries thousands of documents including firsthand sources about archaeological excavations at Haft Tappeh and Tchogha Zanbil, books, journals and tracts, papers, dissertations, fieldwork reports, different committees’ studies, brochures, catalogs, maps and architectural records, plan drawings and sketches of excavation/survey finds, photos, accounts of museum construction and its official affairs, national and international registering dossiers, and so forth.
Haft Tappeh and Tchogha Zanbil World Heritage Base organizes the mentioned documents to be able to use them in its major and minor management planning for improving its scientific level, gaining a thorough insight into the base’s activity background, providing a quick access, saving time, and having efficiency. In addition to continuing archiving, the library and document center of World Heritage Base of Tchogha Zanbil and Haft Tappeh has uploading the whole archive to a smart digital program on the agenda.