The Documents at Haft Tappeh Museum
The documents for Haft Tappeh Museum activities are divided into two classes in terms of time:
The first class covers years from 1972 to 1981. These documents include official correspondence, personnel’s files, ticket sales, cultural products, visitor statistics particularly students, different parts of the museums such as the library and the preservation workshop, and the site watches’ reports. The documents show that after Dr. Negahban’s excavations finished and the museum began to work, the activities largely revolved around cultural matters and education.

Figure1: Visitor statistics, 1975

Figure 2: Document related to visitor statistics in 2014

The second class covers years from 1999 to the present. Unfortunately, after Iran-Iraq war outbreak in 1980, Haft Tappeh Museum was practically closed and its activities came to a halt. Nonetheless, in 1999, when the World Heritage Base of Tchogha Zanbil and Haft Tappeh began to work, the museum also bounced back. The documents collected over the last two decades encompass records of archaeology, the process of re-arranging and equipping the museum, fabric and material laboratory, architecture, historiography, documentation, restoration, geology, anthropology, phytology, zoology, educational programs, and tourism.